I remember the first time I met a client.

Working for an internet marketing agency that services clients nationally, I had only communicated with my clients over the phone or email up until that point. Nervous, I sat waiting at the restaurant for him to arrive. “What if he’s unhappy with the work I’ve done?” I thought. Or worse – I spent most of my days obsessing over this guy’s campaign – what if he just, didn’t care?

Finally he entered the room, greeting each of my coworkers as he made his way to his seat. Then, I was up next. Trying (but most likely failing) to keep my cool, I turned to shake his hand. He looked at me and said, “Stand up – I’m giving you a hug!” This client not only acknowledged me, but he hugged me like a proud dad! He also followed this up with, “My kids know who Kammie Jenkins is. I can’t thank you enough.”

That right there is why I do what I do. 

I pour everything I have into my clients – to the point that someone really should be grabbing me by the shoulders and asking me, “You know this isn’t your business, right?” But I disagree. The only way to help your clients succeed is to care like it’s your own business at stake.

So now you know (half) of me. I’m Kameron Jenkins and I thrive on helping businesses excel online.

The other half of my life is filled with spending time with my wonderful husband, Chris, obsessing over my black lab, Bagel, brewing Kombucha, and hiking around Southern California. I’ve also been told I can make a mean quesadilla.

Hey, if you’re still reading, I’d love nothing more than to connect with you. Consider it? 🙂