Some quick thoughts on leadership

  1. Introversion does not disqualify you. As an introvert, I had always been passed up for leadership positions, but when I was finally allowed the opportunity, I realized that not needing to be the center of attention actually proved to my benefit as a leader. Good leadership requires listening, empathy, and acute attention to detail – characteristics that are often found in introverts.

  2. Failure to follow through is the quickest way to lose your team’s trust. Good leaders solve their team’s problems. You can’t stop at listening. You must act on the information your team is giving you. Take notes during meetings, assign yourself due dates to complete them, and report back on how you addressed it.

  3. Be specific. Good leaders know that negative specific feedback is constructive and positive specific feedback is encouraging, while negative vague feedback is hurtful and positive vague feedback feels empty.

  4. Care about their growth. Insecure leaders don’t want their people to grow beyond their own talent, but secure leaders do whatever it takes to encourage growth.

  5. Leaders take the responsibility when their team fails. Good leaders know that when their team comes up short, they are ultimately responsible. They never use their team as a scapegoat.

  6. You don’t have to know everything. It’s OK to say “I don’t know” – good leaders know this isn’t a show of weakness, but they will do whatever it takes to get their team the information they need.